Quick Seal is a soft sealant well suited for sealing joints and cracks in asphalt or concrete.

With a short curing time of less than 30 minutes, Quick Seal is ideal for areas with high traffic such as airfields and highways.

The product is supplied as a cold applied two-component curing system and is used

together with one component Quick Seal Primer. Apply the primer by brush or spray and allow to dry before filling the crack or joint with Quick Seal.

  • Fuel resistant
  • Quick curing (<30 minutes)
  • High elasticity
  • Cold applied two-component system


The recommended equipment for applying Quick Seal is Zel-Aaren’s Quick Seal machine that automatically mixes the components to the correct ratio. The two components are gravity-fed to gear pumps which charge the material to a pistol nozzle. The nozzle is equipped with a mixer pipe in which the components*mix into a homogenous mass. The machine is designed and manufactured in Sweden.


*With the purchase of a Quick Seal machine, Zel-Aaren also provide practical and theoretical
training on-site to learn how to operate the machine for a satisfactory result.